City of Chicago  Municipal Code Chapter 9-114
All vehicles with 15 or more passengers must have video cameras recording passengers
All vehicles with 15 or more passengers with alcohol in consumed must pay a security guard fee
NO PASSENGER IS ALLOWED; 1. Who is under the age of 21 to possess or consume alcoholic liquor. 2. To engage in disorderly conduct. 3. To possess any drug paraphernalia. 4. To unlawfully possess a firearm. 5. To discharge a  firearm. 6. To hurl projectiles from the vehicle. 7. To commit indecent exposure. 8. To litter. 9. To unlawfully possess or use cannabis or any controlled substance.

City of Chicago 2017/2018 Sightseeing-Charter Permit #15684 
Chicago IRIS #402706
Chicago MPEA #201706280000003121
USDOT #2411250
IL Safety Sticker Expires 2/2018 
 Insurance Policy # 70APR343951

How much does it cost to rent your Buses?                                                                                                                                           

Our  PARTY BUSES start at $125 an hour up to $280 per hour. We have the largest selection in Chicago, with over 14 party buses to choose from......we have something for every budget!

Do you do Hourly Service?

Yes we do, we will pick-up your party and drive you wherever you want to go with your paid time frame. You can do a pub-crawl, sightseeing or just hang out and drive around. We don't  "All Day" or "Full Day" packages, we are strictly hourly. All hourly service is continuous.

Do you do Round-Trips and One-Ways?

Yes we do, we will pick-up your party and take you to the club or your event and return your group when you're done. Times on both the pick-up and return need to be set at booking, the vehicle/driver is not "on-call" for early returns. This is straight there and back with no touring...if your doing a lot of stops/drive around you will need to do HOURLY. Round-trips are not based on hours and are a flat rate and not based on time. If you have one block or 40 miles it's the same rate.  The vehicle does not wait at your location for you and does other jobs. Items can not left in the vehicle since we pick-up other groups while your at your event. NO FOOD/SNACKS, $99 instant fee is brought on-board.


How much time do I have if I do the Round-Trip service?

You will have 15 minutes to load and unload. If you take any longer or if we have to wait, you will get charged per minute after the 15 min mark and based of the full hourly rate. We will take you straight to your event and the driver will take the route our dispatch tell's him. Round-trip/One-way trips don't tour or make additional stops. Additional stops are extra and arranged ahead of time with your booking. 

How can I book a bus?

First, email or call to confirm availability. If your date is available you can put a $200 booking deposit down using a credit card  to hold that date. Bookings are all first come first booked, so don't wait!  Booking deposits are non-refundable because we turn other bookings away once a deposit is made. The remaining balance needs to be paid by credit card 48 hours prior to your event with a 20% driver gratuity added which is based off of total amount. No cash or checks.

After your booking deposit is confirmed, you will received 2 emails from us. (These might take 24 hours to receive.) The first email will be a receipt for your deposit. The second will be confirmation from our dispatch dept with the details of your trip along with a link to sign our online contract.  If there are any corrections to your trip details, please reply to the confirmation email from dispatch.

The week of your event we will re-confirm your trip details. The day of, you will receive your drivers name and cell number via text message.

Can I pay at the end of your trip instead?                                                                                                                         

NO!  The trip/event must be paid in full 48 hours before your event with a major credit card, and a 20% driver gratuity added.

Can I pay by using a PRE-PAID/RELOADABLE debit card?   

NO!  We need a major credit card to cover any damage/extra charges if they occur.

Can I bring my own ALCOHOL?

YES,  you can bring beverages of your choice for you and your group on our party buses. NO GLASS BEER BOTTLES because of breakage! We have a HUGE BAR, so no need to bring your coolers...we also will supply cups, napkins and ice.  ChiTownPartyBus will not provide any alcohol beverages and is not responsible for any alcohol on the bus. Everybody must be over 21 with a valid state ID. Charter/Shuttle buses (seats facing forward) do not allow alcohol per IL DOT/STATE LAW. 

Chicago trips please click this LINK

Can we bring and drink ALCOHOL if we are underage?

NO! We have the right to check everybody's ID and if underage drinking is going on we have the right to cancel the trip immediately with no refund. We reserve the right to check any bags, boxes or items.  We would drop everybody off at the nearest  police station for parents to pick-up.  WE HAVE ZERO TOLERANCE!

Can we SMOKE on the buses?

NO,  and please do not beg the driver to let you. If anyone smokes on the bus or if cigarettes butts are found you will lose your security deposit  due to violation/breach of contract or be charged $200 plus. NO DRUGS....we will cancel if driver smells pot.

Another party bus company said they will supply liquor.

We are BYOB. It is illegal for us to supply or sell liquor in the state of Illinois...That being said, I'm sure they are not properly insured also!

Can I bring my own music?

YES....we have a CD player & ipod/mp3 hook-ups with AUX inputs. (aux cable is not guaranteed due to theft)

Can I bring food?

No....Food/Snacks in any vehicle will be charged a $100 automatic clean-up fee even if the bus is left spotless....9 out of 10 times food is still found when we prep the bus for it's next trip. 

What about the start and end times? 

For all reserved events the time starts when the vehicle reaches the specified pick-up location on the set agreed start time and ends when the last passenger is dropped off. Once the bus arrives at the pick-up location is when your time starts, we are not responsible for your guests arrival times or your readiness. If your event exceeds the agreed time, the client may be charged the agreed upon hourly rate, per hour that your event exceeds. It is the CLIENTS RESPONSIBILITY to collect a copy of the invoice by emailing us after the trips has ended. Drivers do not carry receipts.

Can we leave coats and items on the bus while we are off the bus?

Yes and only for hourly rentals......But We Are Not Responsible For Lost Or Stolen Valuables.

What happens if I lose something on the bus?

At the end of your party...we will turn on all of the interior lights and give your group time to clean, look and retrieve your personal items. Once we leave and enter the highway we do not turn around. If we find any valuables, we will contact you or feel free to call us. It is your responsibility to make an appointment and come to our office to pick-up any items. Any liquor left on the bus is the property of CTPB.

Do you have A/C on the buses? 

Yes we do.......but we can't guarantee it to be ice cold during HOT days (over 90 degrees) with a bus loaded with people and doors opening and closing. We have our AC's inspected every summer by licensed techs . The buses are also not to be used as cooling stations when parked...They will be turned off to prevent over-heating, so be prepared.  No discounts will be given if not satisfied.....take that up with mother-nature

This there washrooms on the bused?

Sorry, but no washrooms. We found them to be more trouble than worth having....I'm sure you don't
want to use one after someone gets sick in it or pay a clean-up fee. WE WILL MAKE WASHROOM STOPS IF NEEDED.

I have a few friends who like to get rowdy and are known to thrash a I responsible for them?

YES YOU ARE! Any damage or mess they make on the are fully responsible and will be charged or have the risk of the trip being terminated at anytime and at anywhere! If you have a few crazy friends like that......DON'T INVITE THEM!

Do we have to clean the bus when we finish our trip? 

Yes,  if you make a mess and if you don't want to get charged any fee's.......I would recommend that you clean-up. Our drivers are not responsible for cleaning the bus and have no say on if your going to be charged or not.  We have extra trash-bags, cleaning supplies and brooms on each bus and we will wait for you to clean-up at no extra charge. 

Are there any additional fees?

YES.....YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR GUESTS...SO MAKE SURE THEY AIM FOR THE TRASH, DONT MAKE A MESS AND GET SICK!! *Point-2-Point/Round-Trip service waiting time while load/unloading....first 15mins are free and $5 per min after.
$50.00 per cigarette butt found in/on the bus
*$100.00 minimum for extensive cleanup (spills,trash,etc.)
*$125.00 per hour for additional time needed 
*$200.00 shampooing and disinfecting ( due to sickness/vomiting) 
*$200.00 smoking fee.....if anyone lights up you lose your security deposit! 
*$225.00 minimum for each burn hole ,rip, or tear to upholstery, act of vandalism

*The security deposit will be non-refundable if any of these fee's are needed

Do you charge a Security Deposit?

Yes, if your credit card is declined , your under 21 years of age,  your using a prepaid/reloadable card and or your out of our service area. Security deposits are refundable 24 hours after your event is no additional charges occur.

If I book for 6 hours and then change it to 4hrs the day that ok?

No...We need to know of any change 72 hrs before the trip.  We book our driver in advance and schedule them for the hours originally booked....If you book 6hrs and then tell the driver you only want 4hrs because you made other still pay 6hrs!

Can I cancel my trip at anytime before my event or change the date?

Deposits and Security Deposits are non-refundable once you book with us and you cancel, we take the bus off the list and turn others away who want that date. If you want to or change your date/reschedule  you will be charged a fee.....$100 two weeks before original event. If you cancel 7 days before you only lose your deposit, less then 7 days before your trip you will be responsible for half the amount. If you cancel the 72 hours before will be responsible for the full amount of trip. 

What happens if we go over your end time?

If you go over or need to extend your trip....we would just charge you our normal hourly rate for that vehicle . Either you pay the driver cash or we charge your credit card.

What happens if we are running late and just stay in the club?

Your "END" time means end of trip time,  drop off time or end at your original start address time. A lot of people try to say they thought it meant the end of clubbing/concert time and the ride home is free. We will call/text you to inform you that you are running late and that the bus is ready to take you back. Do not think of blowing off the driver or our call's.......We will give you 30/45 mins pass your END time to respond to calls and texts ....pass that time we will start to charge your credit card a minimum of two hours and if the card is declined in any way we will leave with no return and end your trip due to non-payment and breach of contract.  

Do you require us to sign a contract?

Yes, this protects us and shows you that we are committed to the event. This also lets you know what is expected of you in regards to damage, theft, excessive messes, bodily fluids (vomit, etc.), fighting on or off the bus, or being rude or threatening the bus driver. If you fail to sign the online contract by the day of the event or refuse to hand-sign..we will cancel the trip with no refund. We have the right to also cancel the event at anytime with no refund if any changes/manipulation not authorized by CTPB to the original quote/agreement/contract. You must you must adhere to CTPB terms  and conditions.  You must be over 21 to sign, if you're under 21 we will need a $500 security deposit.

What happens if the disco lights go out or I feel the music isn't loud enough?

We offer only the most professional current Party Bus equipment out there.....But sometimes some things might happen that are out of our control while on the road.....We are a transportation company that provides a transportation service...we do not guarantee any amenities.


The policies, procedures, rates and fees are subject to change without prior notice. We only guarantee transportation only.

Can we have adult entertainers on the bus?

Yes....Please tell us if your planning to have adult entertainment on our buses before you book.
We are not affiliated in anyway with Sweet Seduction, they just are better than the rest!

Can I call you if I have additional questions?

Yes you can at 630-930-4316. 

Do you have a service area?

Yes we do....additional charges may occur 
Subject  to change, we reserve the right to refuse service.

We like to get crazy and that ok?

We want you and your friends to have a good time....BUT if our driver/office feels that safety is at risk, we have the right to terminate service at any point, anywhere and at anytime with no refund and loss of security deposit. SO BE SAFE, HAVE FUN AND BE COOL!!

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